Quality, innovation and research: the starting point!

A specialized group of technicians, engineers, chemists, tanning technicians and also industrial process optimization specialists guarantee a high quality standards production always respecting the sustainable development and environmental protection.

Each collection is the result of a synergy between the Company and the best Italian and international style offices that allows Effegi to have become a source of inspiration for its Customers creations.

Effegi is constantly engaged in projects of:

  • new seasonal collections stylistic research and design;
  • industrial processes optimization for the energy resources saving;
  • innovation of the eco-friendly chemical-tanning processes;
  • research and development of new manufacturing methods and processes in order to obtain high performance and high quality metal-free leather articles.

Lab test

As a guarantee of the customers and the final consumers, strict materials checks are carried out at every step of the production cycle, through:

  • xeno test;
  • flexometer test;
  • high-tensile stress test;
  • tear-resistance test;
  • migration test;
  • veslic test (rub fastness test);
  • water-proof test;

In addition, specialized laboratories can perform further quality tests on its finished products, if required.


Our effort to become a reliable partners of high fashion brands commits us in respecting the values and standards set by the fashion system.

For this reason Effegi Co. restricts the raw hide imports to suppliers which are capable to provide real purchased lots traceability which, once entered into the production chain, follow a rigid internal traceability protocol. Each parcel worked in Effegi Co. is traced with the help of computer technologies which have the ability to store each tanning process until the realization of the finished product.

The Company is able to guarantee the traceability of every sold order by providing all the necessary information regarding the nature of its products.